Speech-language pathology services in British Columbia are not covered by the Medical Services Plan (MSP). However, many extended benefit plans provide some funding for a speech-language pathologist. Receipts are provided to clients, who are encouraged to submit them for any potential third-party reimbursement, if applicable.

There are no additional fees for travel / mileage within the Oceanside area (e.g., Deep Bay to Nanoose Bay). Additional fees may apply for in-person services beyond the Oceanside area.

Initial Consultation

Case History Review

A complementary phone consultation. Find out if my services are the right fit for you.

Includes the review of intake forms and a completed case history. This discussion will help to identify goals and inform next steps.
– $140 / 50 minutes

Speech Assessment + Report

Speech assessment session with a full assessment report. Assessments are only available in-person.
– $300 (flat rate)

Language Assessment + Report

Language assessment session with a comprehensive assessment report. Assessments are only available in-person.
– $750 (flat rate)


Therapy sessions are available online or in-person. Please note that 10-15 minutes of therapy time is typically allocated for indirect support (e.g., material preparation, writing notes, consultation, review, etc.).
– $140 / 50 minutes